Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Dear Group,

A reminder about credit details, per the Oxford website off the Honors Program's International Site:

All students will receive 10 credits total. The 2 credits in spring will be joined with the 8 summer credits once the summer grades are turned in and grade designations are given (after the program and when grades are due). The FSTDY/6 credits is a placeholder only. You will receive 8 credits in summer and 2, of course, for spring.

If students want other designations different than what is listed on the Oxford website (2-credit Spring prep seminar + 8-credit program in Oxford = 10 credits of Honors Core and VLPA, I&S.  Or 1 core Honors core class, plus Honors seminar credit), then you will need to obtain pre-approval through the departmental advisor of that unit.  English credits can be approved by Professor Reed.

Here's the detailed version off the Honors International Oxford page:
Program Components and Academic Credit

Students will receive 10 credits total (2 credits at UW during spring quarter and 8 at Oxford). Credits will fulfill Honors Core requirements. Other credits may be applicable depending on individual research projects. (Alternative credit may be available to students outside of the Honors Program; this must be arranged in advance with your departmental advisers)

Spring Quarter 2011- 2 credit seminar

The first stage of this study abroad program involves a mandatory 2-credit Honors seminar (dates to be determined) during spring quarter 2011. This preparatory seminar will provide students with an interdisciplinary introduction to contemporary British art, culture, and politics as well as grounding in humanities research methods. Students will decide on project themes and develop proposals that will orientate them during their time in Oxford.

Summer Quarter 2011- 8 credits

During the month long summer program, students will focus on researching topics and exploring Oxford and surrounding areas. The summer portion will include classroom instruction, art and literature events, theatre performances, city walks, museum tours, and weekend excursions that will inform the final projects.

Please contact Julie Villegas with any questions regarding credits.

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